L’Atelier Catherine Janssens offers a selection of violins, violas, cellos and bows to suit the needs of each musician and in a broad price range. On listening to your sound and your aspirations we can help you judge with our critical and practised ear.

We favour the work of contemporary colleagues but also sell old instruments or study instruments made with respect for craftsmen. We will guide you in choosing your next instrument.

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A good instrument/bow is also one that feels comfortable and is well set up. A range of small adjustments to the sound post, the bridge, the fingerboard, the nut or saddle, the choice of strings, the tailpiece, the camber of the bow etc. can make all the difference and greatly improve your sonority and ease of playing.

Taking the greatest care, we can inform and advise you about the optimum potential of your instrument or bow while always respecting its integrity and avoiding dogma.


Every well-made instrument will outlive us! It is therefore necessary to look after it before handing it on to future generations. We offer a service for the upkeep and appropriate repair of instruments and bows as well as stocking some essential accessories.

The French bow makers Daoudi Hassoun and Eric Fournier come to the workshop each month to undertake high-quality bow rehairs, repairs and adjustments.

We offer a range of professional rosins Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.

We also carry out insurance valuations and can put you in touch with a specialised broker.

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